Zupas Cafe

Jul 26, 11 Zupas Cafe

Zupas ProvoIf you want to go out to eat, but you don’t want to deal with that greasy, fatty feeling, Zupas Cafe is the place for you. Zupas has a wide variety of green, leafy salads, rich, hearty soups, and fresh, crispy paninis for you to try. It is located in the Plum Tree Shopping Center, the same area as the Provo Dollar Theater.

My problem is that I can never decide what I want because everything looks so tasty! However, I have found the perfect remedy. Instead of spending more money and getting a soup and a salad, or a salad and a panini, there is a “Try 2 Combo” option at the bottom of the menu. This option entails getting any combination of two things for a less expensive price. This way, I can try a new soup or salad while still playing it safe with my favorite panini, for example.

Although Zupas is somewhat of a “chick food” restaurant, many men frequent the area as well. Whether it’s for a date or a hang out, who doesn’t want a more healthy meal without sacrificing any flavor? It is truly a fun American restaurant in Provo without the typical fried food.

My personal favorites? In each category: the Honey Bacon Club panini, the tomato basil soup, and the Nuts About Berries salad. I haven’t found anything to top them on the menu yet, but it’s certainly a matter of preference.