The Spice Grill

May 10, 12 The Spice Grill

Spice Grill Burger in ProvoIf you want to impress a date with a unique, delicious, (and quite affordable) eating experience, try the Spice Grill in downtown Provo. While it is an Indian restaurant and features the type of Eastern Indian food that one would expect, there is another section of their menu that may surprise you: Hamburgers.

The Spice Grill burger in particular is among the best burgers you may ever taste. With toppings of mild Indian spices, noodles, vegetables, and a mint mixture that resembles guacamole, it is unlike anything you have eaten before. Noodles and vegetables may sound a little disconcerting, but until you have tried it, you don’t understand how amazing it can be. The burgers also come in mild, medium, and spicy varieties, so you can get the burger with a little kick if you’d like. However, if you’d prefer to play it a little more safe, there are a host of other normal burgers that you can try that are similar to what you’d see on an Applebee’s menu.

Spice Grill Bollywood MovieIf the burgers are tasty on their own, they are well complimented by the fries (you might even think they’re better than Five Guys). Prepared with a delicious seasoning, these thick cut fries greatly enhance the meal. And the best part is that a burger with fries and a drink will cost you about $7.50! The only thing that can enhance a great meal is knowing that it’s a great deal.

The background entertainment is about as impressive as the meal. The restaurant is small and quaint, so the HD television is visible for all to see. While the TV is hardly anything special, the host of Bollywood movies that play most certainly are. There is nothing quite like eating an amazing burger and delicious fries while watching an epic Bollywood action movie. Seriously. There is nothing in this world like it.

Map to Spice GrillSo if you’re looking to try new food, introduce a friend to the cool parts of Provo, or even discover some of them for yourself, pay a visit to the Spice Grill. Located on 187 N University Ave., only a couple of blocks north of Center Street in Provo, it’s easy to get to and is well worth the trip.


  1. I ordered a 6-ounce steakburger with American cheese and a side of fries. The flame-kissed patty was flecked with char on the outside and exceptionally moist in the center. It patty was gently cooked through, but this didn’t have a negative impact on taste and it was more than sufficiently juicy. The sirloin patty was equally delicious as a ground chuck patty, despite being a supposedly leaner cut of beef, and had a subtle steak-like flavor. Toppings were fresh and well portioned, and the soft, white bun created an ideal bread-to-meat ratio. I would endorse a dash of steak spice on the beef during the cooking process (or a shake of the seasoning that’s used on the fries) and a few seconds less on the grill, but overall, the burger was still excellent.

  2. good no frills burger place. has a fixin’s bar so you just order the type of burger you want. the bulgogi is great and the veggie burgers are good too. place is really low-maintenence.