The Malt Shoppe

Oct 06, 11 The Malt Shoppe

Malt Shoppe ProvoIt would seem that nearly every town in America has a place to go to get the “best shake in town.” Provo is no exception to this.  Without any doubt that place is The Malt Shoppe.  Located at 1290 North University Ave in Provo, it’s only a few blocks away from BYU campus.  The Malt Shoppe is probably the most run down fast food joint in town but their shakes are amazing.

Labeling the Malt Shoppe as a fast food restaurant is a bit of a stretch as well because they are one of the slowest ‘fast food’ restaurants.  However they do make things up a bit with the dozens of different flavors of shakes that they make.  They make anything from Root Beer to Oreo to Orange.  My personal favorite is Root Beer.  Also the Malt Shoppe’s shakes are probably better off being classified as soft served ice cream more than anything else.  That’s why they do not bother to give you a straw, just a spoon.

The Malt Shoppe is also an okay place to go if you are looking for an excuse to get out of home for a bit or go on a date if they do not mind going to some dingy diner. They do have a TV that’s has random trivia questions looping on it that can make for good conversation starters if you ever run into an awkward silence when you are on a date. This is also a great place to do after bowling at Fat Cats, just across the street.

So as long as you are just looking for a great shake the Malt Shoppe is the place to go. However, if you are expecting much else than your standards are probably too high and you will likely end up walking away extremely disappointed.

The Malt Shoppe
1290 North University Ave
Provo, UT 84604

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