The Awful Waffle

Oct 12, 11 The Awful Waffle

The Awful Waffle Provo UtahDon’t let the name fool you. There is nothing awful about the Awful Waffle in Provo. If anything, it is awfully good.

Located just south of BYU campus across the street and kitty corner to the southwest of J Dawgs, it’s the perfect hot spot for students and families to fulfill their waffle and crepe cravings.

When you get there you’ll notice a huge list of toppings you can add. It’s hard not to go overboard, so know now that each topping costs extra.  When I go back next, I am loading mine up or trying their fall pumpkin and spice filling.

If you go on the same day as a BYU football game, you may even get blue whipped cream. Expect to wait in line on game day because everyone has the same idea.

Even though it was freezing outside while I stood waiting for my crepe, that didn’t seem to matter to anyone. That’s always a good sign when people are willing to freeze for something they must really want (must mean it’s good). On the colder days they will even have hot chocolate available. Perfect to warm your hands with while you’re waiting for your food.

Awful Waffle ProvoHere are a couple tips for you:

1) Make sure you request the whipped cream to be put inside the crepe or they will put it on the side. (I assume they put it on the side so you can either spread it on the top of the crepe or put it in the middle).

2) Keep your eyes peeled. There are a lot of discounts and coupons for the Awful Waffle floating around out there online.



  1. I lived in Belgium for 3+ years and after returning back to the US I find that I miss terribly the food!! Getting to the Awful Waffle took me right back to Belgium!! What a great experience, to be in Provo and feel like I was standing down town Brussels! You have to get there and get a waffle with speculoos spread!

  2. Thanks for your comment James. I agree!