Sub Zero Ice Cream

Aug 05, 11 Sub Zero Ice Cream

sub zero ice creamIf you’ve ever been eating ice cream and thought your dessert needed some more liquid nitrogen, then Sub Zero is the place for you. Okay, Sub Zero is a great ice cream shop in Provo whether you’ve wondered that or not, but it does have a little added flair over the ice cream shops you are used to. The original Sub Zero was started in Orem. The owner had a background in science and realized that they could offer more flavors by using liquid nitrogen. That is exactly what makes Sub Zero so great! They have a huge list of flavors,  plenty of mix-ins to choose from, and every one of their flavors is available in premium ice cream, custard, or yogurt. Once you get through all of those decisions they mix some non-ice-cream-looking stuff in a bowl and shoot it with liquid nitrogen. Voila! Out comes Ice Cream. There are two locations in Provo: one in Brigham’s Landing on University Parkway and another in the Provo Towne Center Mall.

In my opinion, Sub Zero is not the best tasting ice cream, but I go there more than any other ice cream shop just because it is so fun. Its great to try out the different flavors. Watermelon ice cream–it exists! Cinnamon ice cream with graham crackers is super good. I haven’t tried them all yet but they have Dr. Pepper flavor, lemon, and all of the classics if you aren’t in an adventurous mood. Its really fun to watch them make the ice cream too. The smoke from the liquid nitrogen spills over the counter and reminds me of dry ice experiments from grade school. All that sciencey stuff might put you in the mood to go check out the BYU Dinosaur Museum after your dessert.


1774 North University Parkway

Provo, UT 84604

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