Slab Pizza

Feb 03, 12 Slab Pizza

Think back to the days in college when you and your buddies (or girl friends) would occasionally find yourselves sitting at home on your less-than-comfortable couches with nothing to do. Running through your mind is a myriad of alternative things you could be doing: taking your crush on an inexpensive date (or perhaps being taken BY your crush) to the BYU Creamery on 9th, doing homework, sleeping, pondering over the meaning of life. But you’re doing none of those things. Any restaurants you could go to with your friends are either too cheap, too expensive, or produce food which tastes like cardboard. Once again your weekend has turned into a drag.

Slab Pizza - Entrance

It is now the year 2012. You find yourself once again in Provo, strolling the streets with your family reminiscing the good old days. You turn down a familiar street and behold a building bustling with college students and young families. No, it’s not Café Rio. Outside is a jazz band entertaining customers who have situated themselves in an attractive outside dining area. When you get close enough to see what the people are eating your eyes sparkle and your mouth salivates. Pizza slices. As big as your head. This would have been the perfect place to go with all my friends on the weekend, you think to yourself. If only this place had been aroun
d when I was in school.
You look up and see the name:


Sounds like heaven, right?

You’re close. The Slab is overall the best pizza I have tasted inside the Provo City limits.  With a more casual setting than California Pizza Kitchen and a menu sporting over 20 different pizzas, each one more delectable than the first, The Slab has quickly turned into a hot spot for BYU students and young families in Provo. Not to mention it is more than affordable.

Slab Pizza - Different Slabs

Plus, it is nearly adjacent to campus with plenty of on-street parking. Take it from someone who was in danger just a few months ago of enduring through those drab weekends:


The Slab is a little, pardon, a massive, piece of heaven.