The Pita Pit

Nov 14, 11 The Pita Pit

A franchise that started in 1997 in Canada, The Pita Pit has made its way down to the United States, and now Provo. If you’re sick of eating heavy burgers, fries, and pizza, Pita Pit is the perfect healthy alternative. They are located across the street from Fat Cats Bowling Alley, and north of The Malt Shoppe. By using Lebanese-style pitas to wrap your favorite fillers, Pita Pit reduces the amount of carbs, Pita Pit Provofat, and calories. You can fill this delicious pita with lean meats, cheeses, and all types of vegetables. Of course, their signature sauces can make perfection out of your pita.

I like watching them fold the pita the “special” way that is guaranteed to hold all the toppings inside. Although places like In-N-Out serve great, heavy burgers and fries with tasty shakes, you will leave the Pita Pit refreshed and rejuvenated because you just ate a delicious, light meal, and yet you’ll still feel full.

The great thing about The Pita Pit is that you have so many different options. You can get a meat pita, which includes meats such as grilled chicken, seasoned beef, ham (black forest, if you want), bacon, and even tuna. On the other hand, you can get a veggie pita with a name like “falafel,” “spicy black bean,” “garden,” or “hummus.”

Last time I went to The Pita Pit, I got the Gyro (pronounced “yee-roh”). This pita includes seasoned beef, and I put every vegetable on it from lettuce and tomatoes to cucumbers and sprouts. It was a lot bigger than I anticipated, so that was a pleasant surprise. I felt like I was eating very healthily with all my greenery in my wheat tortilla. There are a lot of great deals and coupons out there if you keep your eyes peeled. They even deliver! I would definitely recommend The Pita Pit as a healthy and quick restaurant in Provo!