Nov 03, 11 Taco-N-Tento

Mexican restaurants in Provo Taco-N-Tento is one of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in Provo. This restaurant is pretty small as it only seats 20 people, but where it lacks in size and looks it easily makes up for in food.

For $3.50 you can get a burrito that is large enough that you won’t likely be able to finish it. The leftovers from it will probably be enough to make for a good lunch or a snack the next day as well. Like any good Mexican restaurant when you go to Taco-N-Tento you need to try their horchata, it’s really good.  For those that don’t know what horchata is, it’s cinnamon rice milk. If you’re not into that you can always buy some Mexican Coke.

Mexican restaurants in ProvoAt Taco-N-Tento if you ever have any issues with your order chances are finding management won’t be that difficult. A lot of the time you go there the man behind the counter doing the cashiering, cooking, and serving is the owner Jaime Juarez. He’s really nice and has been known to give free chips and drinks, especially if you bring a large group.

Mexican restaurants in ProvoAfter you’re done eating there is also a small Mexican store attached to Taco-N-Tento that you can check out.  In it you can buy some of those harder to find Mexican foods and items.

What are your impressions of Taco-N-Tento?

495 W 800 N
Provo, UT 84601
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