The Lotus Garden

Oct 01, 11 The Lotus Garden

I, like so many college students before me, always have a balance I am trying to find when it comes to food – maximum amount of high quality food compared to cost.  Because of this, I often try many of the little “Mom and Pop” shops to get the more personal andLotus Garden high quality food while still paying a reasonable price.  This is what led me to the Lotus Garden; a small Chinese buffet and Mongolian grill off of Center St. and University, right across the street from Gloria’s Little Italy.  I have come to enjoy its nice atmosphere, good food and reasonable prices. I’d recommend it as one of the great things to do in Provo.

The Lotus Garden is part of a small strip of businesses along Center St.  Although it is in a small building, the restaurant feels open (although somewhat narrow).  There is a glass aquarium in the front, and the table spacing allows for a decent number of guests without overcrowding or invading privacy.  The lighting by the seating is usually slightly dimmed, but still allows for good visibility.

Although the Lotus Garden has a small selection of food, I found everything to be extremely high quality.  They did not overdo the spices or sauces on any of the foods, which has happened to me at other Chinese buffets.  Also, in spite of the small selection, the foods are all very different with unique food types, flavors, textures, etc.  This gives the consumer a variety of tastes without an overabundance of similar foods.  As a personal touch, several of the sauces and spices were available to add to whatever food I wanted.  This let me mix and match my own food combinations (though my sweet and sour fortune cookie experiment was not a success).  The Mongolian grill also provided an excellent meal – and of course no Chinese restaurant would be complete without fortune cookies.

Overall I have enjoyed my trips to the Lotus Garden, and foresee myself returning there often (this is me talking, not my fortune cookie).  The employees are friendly and enjoy themselves, the food is good, the location is convenient, and the price is reasonable.  This is the perfect eating portion of the dinner+movie in Provo combo. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good place to eat.

56 West Center Street
Provo, UT 84601-4417

(801) 374-0753
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  1. Brandon McBride /

    Lotus Garden is my Chinese take-out restaurant of choice.