Los Hermanos

Jul 22, 11 Los Hermanos

Los Hermanos ProvoI’m a big fan of mexican food–not the really “authentic” mexican food that comes with extra grease and a side of parasites–I’m talking about a food paradise that everyone will love, Los Hermanos in Provo. Where else can you find an eternal coupon deal? That’s right. If you come into the restaurant wearing a Los Hermanos T-shirt, they’ll bring you a free specialty drink with your meal.

I recommend the Brisa de Mora Negra or the Peachy Rico. Want an even better deal? Bring a date and split the Combination dinner, which comes with 1, 2, or 3 entree items. My wife and I always order the medium dinner of taquitos. She likes hers baked, and I like mine fried. Slather some guacamole on there and it’s mexican heaven.

Just make sure you don’t fill up on the complimentary chips and salsa. If you’re addicted to the stuff like I am, you can grab a tub of salsa and a bag of chips to go. All in all, Los Hermanos is the place to eat Mexican food in Provo. People like them so much that they recently moved to a larger location just up the street.  But like the reading rainbow guys says, don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself!

Los Hermanos is located at 71 E. Center St. in Provo, less than a block away from Gloria’s Little Italy.

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