Oct 28, 11 In-N-Out

“Quality you can taste,” that is the logo of the popular burger joint In-N-Out. And I would have to say I could not agree more! In-N-Out was originated in California as the first drive-thru burger stand ever! And since this drive-thru was made, it has caught on… everywhere. It is rare to go In-N-Out Oremto any state today and not see a drive-thru burger joint.

In-N-Out has become so popular since it was created in 1948 that they have begun opening it in more and more locations! And we are lucky enough to have one located right in Orem, Almost across the street from Yogurtland. Not only is In-N-Out in Orem known for their amazing burgers, fries, and shakes but also the friendly service of the staff working there. Harry and Ester Snyder’s goal of the business was simple, “Give customers the freshest, highest quality foods you can buy and provide them with friendly service in a sparkling clean environment.” If you have ever been to In-N-Out, you know as well as I do that they accomplished their goal.

From my personal experience with In-N-Out, the more I have it, the more I crave it. I am there once a week at least because it is just so good! So I can promise you that you will not be dissatisfied with the service and food you receive at In-N-Out. I am being completely seriIn-N-Outous when I say In-N-Out’s burgers are the best I have ever had–there is something about the burger spread that I cannot get enough of! Luckily I have one so close I can go as much as I want. This In-N-Out is near California Pizza Kitchen.

Everything is made fresh at In-N-Out; there are no microwaves or freezers. Customers can see their food being made behind the counter. And the best thing about In-N-Out is that it is 100% original! Since it was created in 1948, very few modifications have been made. It has retained its traditions for over 60 years! There is a reason that In-N-Out is America’s favorite burger!

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