Fusion Asia Grill

Feb 06, 12 Fusion Asia Grill

My Korean friends often say, “When you go to a Korean restaurant, try their kimchi first. If it is good kimchi, you can know for sure that it is a good restaurant.” And that is what Fusion Asia Grill offers you, very tasty kimchi and other fresh-made yummy Korean dishes.

Fusion Asia Grill - Galbi  Beef BBQ

Being Asian, I am quite picky when it comes to “Asian food.” I have been to so many Korean/Asian restaurants inside and outside of Utah and, surprisingly, I approve of Fusion Asia Grill. For those who love spicy food, like I do, this is definitely the place for you. It’s a totally new kind of spicy for most Americans. Different than what you would find at Rancheritos.

From Ddukokkie  (hot and spicy rice cake) as an appetizer to Soondubu jjigae (soft tofu kimchi soup) as a main dish, the spiciness is just perfection. But don’t worry, if you are not a big fan of spicy food there is a wide variety of non-spicy food. My all-time favorite is Beef Galbi (beef bbq). Tossed with sliced onions and special Korean spices, this is a must for all gourmands. The menu offers such a variety of authentic Korean dishes.  So that every time I go I seem to try something new and as a result, I am consistently impressed.

Fusion Asia Grill - Side Dishes

The service can be very slow no matter what time of the day you go. But it is totally worth the wait. The dishes are all freshly made according to your order, so they take time to cook. The staff, however, is extremely friendly. English might not be their best friend, but they will go out of their way to serve.

I used to go there every weekend when I lived in an apartment complex close by. While writing this review, thinking about that sizzling hot, perfectly seasoned, and tender beef Galbi, I find myself dying to go to Fusion Asia Grill this weekend.

Korean food might require some time to get used to for those who aren’t used to it with all the rich flavors and spicy taste. Some may even have to visit the Freeze Fest in Provo to cool off! But what a great opportunity to be adventurous! Life is too short to miss out on such amazing cuisine. Take some to venture out and do something in Provo.


  1. Xedice /

    @JJI just visited the shop you metinoned (Family mart) and I bought some KIMCHI (It didn’t taste as good though. Maybe it needs a longer fermenting period). They seemed to have more Korean instant snacks but less cooking groceries compared to the shops in Sunnybank. However, if I live in the city, I suppose I will have to get some ingredients from that shop.I also asked about perilla leaves but they didn’t have them, but thank you for offering. By the way, perilla leaves are called ggaennip.

  2. I absolutely am loving this post 😀 going to have to remember to put this on the list.