Sammy’s Famous Pie Shakes

Jun 25, 12 Sammy’s Famous Pie Shakes

Sammy's Pie Shake

Sammy’s Pie Shakes

If you like pie and milkshakes (and let’s admit it who doesn’t?) then look no further.  At Sammy’s in Provo, home of the famous pie shake, the best item on the menu is exactly the delicacy that it sounds like.  When making a pie shake a delicious piece of pie is added to the wondrous blend of ice cream and milk to form the utterly irresistible nectar of the gods. And to top it all off those little pieces of liquid heaven are buy on get one free every Tuesday!  Squeeze this in between a drink during Sonic’s 2-4 happy hours and free pie Wednesday at Village Inn and you are set!

Just Pie Shakes?

But Sammy’s doesn’t just do pie shakes.  Aside from cupcake shakes, “regular” shakes and malts, Sammy’s has the perfect complement of a menu ranging from chicken strips and turkey burgers to sweet potato fries that are to die for.

Ok, so food isn’t the only reason you choose to go somewhere.  Sammy’s has the perfect environment, always playing great music and often having karaoke or live concerts to kick off the night.

Essentially, if you are looking for pretty much the best food experience combined with great music and fun, make a stop by Sammy’s on your night of gallivanting our wonderful city of Provo.

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