Sep 07, 11 Beto’s/Rancherito’s

If you like Mexican food than you are sure to like Betos.  The name officially changed to Rancheritos, but it was Betos before and the name has stuck with most people.  With cheap prices and large portions Betos is a great stop when you are craving Mexican food.

Beto’s menu has a vast selection to choose from including: burritos, tostadas, tortas, tacos, chimichangas, and enchiladas.  You can also choose from ground beef, carne asada, fish, chicken, etc.

One of the best things about Betos is that it is open 24 hours.  It is hard to get food in Provo late at night because it seems that most places close early.  Recently I made a midnight run to Betos because I was hungry and had no food in my apartment.  It hit the spot filling me up and tasting great at the same time.

Betos is located by the dollar theater, so after watching a cheap movie you can head over and get some good and cheap food.



1230 North State St.                                               Open 24 hrs.
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 374-0822

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