Longboarding Provo Canyon Trail

Jun 19, 12 Longboarding Provo Canyon Trail

If you feel like being active and outdoors this summer, you need to find a longboard and cruise down the Provo Canyon trail. The Provo Canyon is unique in its beauty and its slight downhill attracts many to coast down and enjoy all the different scenic views.

It is a rare circumstance to have such a beautiful canyon trail 5 minutes from your home. The great thing about this trail is that it is suited for all. It isn’t very steep and you are able to control your own pace. While riding down the canyon at longboarding in Provo Canyonspeeds from 5-15 mph, you get to enjoy being out and seeing the Bridal Veil Falls (an angelic waterfall falling from the top of the mountain) and listening to the rapids of the Provo River.

The best part about this activity is that it is free. The way kids from around Provo “bomb” down the canyon is by making it an event with friends. Get two cars so that you can all ride up together and park your car up at Vivian Park. All of you get out, grab your longboards, put your headphones in (if you so desire) and enjoy the ride down the alluring canyon. Once you are done riding down the canyon, go pick up your first car at Nuns Park.

If for some reason you don’t have a longboard or two cars to use, The Canyon Express is always there to rent you a longboard and even shuttle you up the canyon for a small fee. It is totally worth it to try it once and feel that breeze against your face as you coast down the prettiest place in Provo.

The only downfall is that there are a few rules, which are there to ensure your safety. Visit http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/mobile/54203937-68/trail-longboarders-campground-county.html.csp to become familiar with the rules so that this remains a safe and enjoyable experience.