The Quarry – Indoor Rock Climbing Walls

Nov 02, 11 The Quarry – Indoor Rock Climbing Walls

The Quarry Provo Rock Climbing WallsHow many people get to say they can go rock climbing or ice climbing in their own backyard? Living in (or around Provo) we are so lucky because we can actually say that. We don’t have to spend hours of driving time or gas to get to get climbing locations.

During the summer, the Provo Rock Canyon is super popular for rock climbers of all skill levels.  In the winter we just have to drive a little ways down the canyon to Nunns Park and climb the famous “Stairway to Heaven”. That ice-climb is in fact believed to be one of the longest continuous climbs in North America and it’s in our own backyard!

However, not all of us actually want to brave the cold or extreme heat, depending on what time of year it is.  Right now (being fall), it seems to be too cold to rock climb in Provo, yet not cold enough to freeze the waterfalls.  That’s where The Quarry rock climbing wall in Provo comes in handy.

The Quarry is perfectly located next to the dollar theater Cinemark Movies 8 in Provo.  The temperature is just right, there’s someone there to show you what to do and they provide the climbing gear. Some people will even climb there just to prepare and get in shape for their future outdoor rock and ice climbs.

The best thing is that it’s affordable! You can find weekly deals and daily deals on their site ( and if you keep your eyes peeled in the newspapers and online, you can find even more deals and coupons.  Mondays “Family night” and Saturdays “Date Night” specials are super popular.

So go check it out. We would love to hear about your experience.

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