Sundance Resort

Aug 22, 11 Sundance Resort

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…” Last week I went to the Sundance Theatre to see The Sound of Music.

Sundance Resort

Maria singing "My Favorite Things"

If you’re familiar with the play at all, you know that it is set in the high Alps of Austria. So naturally, the outdoor ampitheatre at Sundance was the perfect setting for this play. The trees and mountains surrounding the stage made for great scenery!

The Sundance Resort is located in Provo Canyon, but really isn’t that far of a drive from downtown Provo. The drive is very pretty; you will even pass Bridal Veil Falls on your right as you head up the canyon. Every summer, Sundance teams up with a new cast and crew to produce a play. This year they partnered with Utah Valley University, and together they created a wonderful performance of one of my favorite musicals. The Sound of Music is a classic story about family, patriotism, and of course, the power of music in bringing people together.

Sundance Resort

Sundance's Outdoor Ampitheatre

Of course, the Sundance Resort has much more to offer than its Summer Theatre tradition. Every weekend during the fall, Sundance offers a free showing of a different Robert Redford movie. This is somewhat of a preview to the Sundance Film Festival that is held in January. During the winter, the Resort is a haven for skiiers and snowboarders, with a scenic lift ride that takes you to the top of the slope (year round, actually). There are also many fine-dining restaurants on the mountain that are perfect for an evening getaway. Sundance is a beautiful and fun attraction in Provo. But don’t take it from me, get up on the mountain and see!

Sundance Resort
8841 N. Alpine Loop Road
Sundance, Utah 84604

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