Squaw Peak Trail

Feb 03, 12 Squaw Peak Trail


Squaw Peak Trail - Mountain View

When most people in Provo hear the words, “Squaw Peak,” they conjure up ideas far from hiking. Squaw Peak has earned a long lasting reputation among Provo lovers both young and old. Different from Kiwanis Park or a Hike to Timpanogos, Squaw Peak is a new adventure. What many don’t know however, is that tucked back in Rock Canyon is a highly rewarding hike, whether you have a significant other or you’re flying solo.

You’re going to want to reserve a good amount of time if you’re determined to hike all the way to the peak. I recommend scheduling a total of four to five hours (about two or three to summit and enjoy the views, and one to head back down.) The hike starts at the parking lot at the mouth of Rock Canyon. Head up the trail that goes up Rock Canyon, which will lead you across five bridges. After that, keep an eye open for the rock engraved with the words, “Squaw Peak Trail.”

The trail is mildly strenuous as it climbs through the twists and turns of Rock Canyon, but is very manageable. Round trip the mileage comes out to about six miles (three miles up and three miles back), and will lead you up to an elevation just shy of 7,900 ft.

Squaw Peak Trail

From the peak you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view of Utah Valley. Be sure to bring a camera, as you’ll want to boast to all your Facebook friends about your back country prowess and amazing photography abilities. You’ll also want to dress warmly depending on the time of year you go. I went up once in late spring and was greeted with snow by the time I had nearly made it to the top.

If you’re looking for a good hike in Provo that’s not far from home,the Squaw Peak Trail is the perfect hike and a great thing to do in Provo. Try it out for yourself. The experience is well worth your time.