Biking Provo River Parkway Trail

Jul 22, 11 Biking Provo River Parkway Trail

Provo River TrailBiking the Provo River Trail is a great recreational activity for the whole family. The Trail starts at Utah Lake and follows the Provo River for 14 miles through Provo. It heads up the canyon, past beautiful Bridal Veil Falls and it ends at Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. The Trail is completely paved, and in many areas there are separate lanes for bikers and joggers. The trail is mostly shaded, and there is usually a nice breeze because of the River nearby. However, morning and evening are perfect times to use the trail because if you’re working hard, the location will cool you right down. Even if you only want to bike a section of the trail, you can jump on at any given point, especially along University Avenue. Whether you want an intense workout or a casual joyride, the Provo River Trail is perfect for many activities.

I recently biked the trail with my husband, and we decided to rent a tandem bike as part of the adventure. We started around 700 N. University Avenue, and biked at a moderate pace all the way up to Timpanogos Park in Provo Canyon. We started at 7:00 p.m., and we were done in two hours with a total distance of 12.2 miles. We would definitely recommend it, and we plan on doing it again soon!

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