Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Sep 06, 11 Bonneville Shoreline Trail

bonneville shoreline trailI’ve heard a few bikers say that the Provo section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail is the worst section. I guess ignorance is bliss, because it’s the only section I’ve biked and I think it’s amazing.

There are three easy access points for the Provo section of Bonneville Shoreline Trail: Rock Canyon, The “Y” trail head, and Slate Canyon. Any one of those places have parking lots and a marked entrance to the trail, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

I find this trail particularly fun because rather than running straight up a mountain it runs along the foothills. There is a good amount of up and down so you don’t get worn out too quickly and your brakes don’t give out on the way down. It’s a good trail for beginners, although you still might have to get off and walk at a few places.

So if you are looking for more of a thrill than the Provo River Parkway Trail and want to try mountain biking for the first time, or even if you’re more advanced and looking for a quick fix to your mountain biking addiction, Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a great option as far as biking trails in Provo.

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