Kayaking in Provo

Aug 25, 11 Kayaking in Provo

Kayaking in Utah - Things to do in ProvoDid you know you can rent a kayak from BYU Outdoors Unlimited?!

Yes, you really can kayak in Utah. No, it’s not all desert.

We are especially lucky in Provo because we have many areas that are great for beginners, families and people who just want to relax. There’s Utah Lake, the lower portion of Provo River just before it empties into the lake, Deer Creek Reservoir and even several lakes up in American Fork Canyon.

Outdoors Unlimited offers affordable rentals for not only kayaks, but other equipment for all the seasons including bikes, skis, canoes, camping gear, rafts, snow shoes, and much more. The great thing about renting is that it’s cheaper than buying the gear (in many cases) and you don’t have to find a place to store it.

If you go to Utah Lake for your kayaking adventure, you’ll probably see all kinds of birds. The most impressive are the giant pelicans and the occasional bald eagle. If you’re really lucky, you may even see a bird of prey swoop down and grab a fish.

What a great date idea! BYU itself is known as “dating central,” but few actually think of kayaking as a date idea, or even know it’s an option. What a way to impress someone with your “creative” ideas and set the bar high. So go knock out that competition and take your date kayaking.

Remember to wear a life jacket, sunscreen and something warm to change into in case you get wet.

BYU Outdoors Unlimited
1151 Wilkinson Student Center
Provo, Utah 84602

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