Ice Blocking in Rock Canyon Park

Sep 29, 11 Ice Blocking in Rock Canyon Park

Ice blocking in ProvoHave you ever craved sledding in the middle of the summer heat?  Why not go ice-blocking instead?!

What on earth is ice blocking?! Is that another Utah thing like “oh my heck?” If you’re new to the area you may not heard of this before. When I first heard of it I asked around and found that most people out of the state didn’t know what it was.

Ice blocking is a blast. All you do is sit on a block of ice and slide down a hill.

Believe it or not, it is a super popular thing to do in Provo for families, individuals and especially college students in this area. Cheap date idea too (cheap is good in this case).  It’s so much fun, your date won’t care how much or how little it costs.

You can find ice blocks in many of the grocery stores ice freezers and they usually cost less than two dollars each.  We discovered the hard way that not all stores have them, so you may want to call ahead before you waste gas looking for them.

Don’t forget to bring a dish rag, small towel or blanket to fold up and place on the ice block. (This is another thing we discovered the hard way).  This will prevent your “bottom” from freezing and getting wet (or as wet). Actually, I take that back…count on getting a cold and wet derriere. Still use the towel though because it will make the ride more comfortable and prevent you from slipping off.

The most popular place to ice-block in Provo is Rock Canyon Park.  It has restrooms, lots of grass and picnic tables to eat lunch (or supper at), a park for the kids, and most importantly, tons of hills. If you don’t bring your food, you could always warm up and fill up on some piping hot pizza.

You’ll notice there signs at the park indicating the dangers of ice blocking. It’s true. If you don’t maintain some control when you fall off, you can get hurt. Instead of starting off at the top of the hill, you may want to start halfway down to get the hang of it first.

Have fun and happy ice blocking.

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