Hike Timpanogos

Aug 26, 11 Hike Timpanogos

hike timpanogosIt’s not an easy hike, but climbing to the top of Mount Timpanogos should be on every Provo resident’s bucket list. The view from the summit is incredible! To tell you the truth, the entire hike is beautiful from start to finish. If you wanted to, you would be satisfied going halfway but remember what I said about the bucket list? You have to go to the top at least once.

There is more than one way to hike Timpanogos, but the easier trail begins at the Timpanooeke campground up Spanish Fork Canyon. From there you begin a long hike to the summit. My group took about 4 hours to make it to the top, but we were probably going a little too fast. We were exhausted when we reached the summit. Many of the groups we talked to took 6 hours to reach the top.

So plan ahead. You will want to bring lots of water and snacks. It’s an all day hike. Bring sunscreen too because you burn a lot easier when you’re at that altitude. Wear good shoes, the trail is rocky and in several places is covered with snow. Oh, and bring a camera. If I forgot to mention already, the view is amazing.

While it is a more difficult than hiking Stewart Falls or some of the other hikes around Provo, it is a well used trail. There are usually many other hikers especially on the weekends. And lest you think you’re not up for the challenge, we saw plenty of elderly people and children hiking too. So while it is difficult, hiking Timpanogos is well worth the experience. Don’t believe me? Here is a little taste of the view from the top. I’m almost completely certain its 100 times cooler in person though.

hiking timpanogos

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