Floating the Provo River

Aug 16, 11 Floating the Provo River

Floating Down the Provo RiverIf you combined fun, relaxation and adventure, it would equal floating down the Provo River! If you enjoy any one of these words then grab a tube and a “mandatory” life jacket and head up the canyon.  The journey starts just below the Deer Creek Reservoir Dam and ends at Vivian Park. You will need two cars in order to leave one at the bottom of Vivian Park, and drive the other to the top where the excursion begins.

The total distance floated is around 4.5 miles and takes an estimated 2.5 to 3.5 hours. The best season to float the Provo river ranges from July to mid-September. Floating the river in the month of June is highly discouraged due to the high water levels and fast and dangerous currents. The river feeds from the bottom of Deer Creek Reservoir which results in arctic water temperatures of 40-45 degrees all year round. Therefore, it is best to float the river on a hot summer day before 4p.m., when the mountains begin to cover the sunshine.

For the most part the river is relatively calm and safe. The most dangerous yet fun obstacle of the  Provo River tubing experience would be the railroad trestle half way down the river. At this point the river begins to pick up speed and is frequently blocked with branches and debris. It is recommended to pull out before reaching the trestle and walk 100 yards to the other side. Once you reach the voyage’s end at Vivian Park, be sure to get out on the left side before going under the South Fork Canyon Road bridge. I have floated the river multiple times, and every one has been a new adventure.[mappress mapid=”19″]