Festival of Colors

Oct 05, 11 Festival of Colors

Festival of ColorsColors. This is the one thing that will run through your mind if you attend The Festival of Colors. Be prepared to dance in colors, throw colors, have colors thrown at you, and see colors all around you. Festival of Colors, otherwise known as Holi is a yearly tradition for the religion of Hare Krishna, but anyone is invited to attend. What is this festival exactly? Well it is basically a dance, but with one difference… you will leave COVERED in colors.

Every couple hours, there is a “throwing” which is where everyone gathers together with their colors (crushed chalk) and at the exact same time throws their colors in the air. It is actually insane! Colors are EVERYWHERE. You can barely see the person next to youFestival of Colors and when you look up, all you see is a huge cloud of pink. And other than the throwing, there is a lot to do. There is a band, constantly playing music that is fun to dance to, and not to mention a bonfire. This festival is at the Sri Sri Radha Temple, in Spanish Fork, Utah. You can go inside the temple and learn all about the Hare Krishna religion. Admission to the Holi Festival of Colors is free, but if you want to participate in the throwing, be sure to bring some money for chalk. You can spend your whole day at this festival having a good time and being very colorful.

Holi does not happen until March of every year, but it is an annual tradition that should not be missed. I’ve even heard that there are several buses that leave from BYU Campus to take students to this colorful event. Take a day, drive to the Hare Krishna Temple, and be ready to have one of the most exhilarating days of your life. This is not an average activity, so make sure to attend! And don’t forget to be colorful!

8628 South State Road
Spanish Fork, UT 84660
(801) 798-3559
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