Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point

Oct 19, 11 Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point

Cornbellys Utah Corn MazeIf you’re looking for something festive and “Halloweenish” things to do around Provo before Oct 31, then you may want to check out Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point.

Most people know Cornbelly’s for their famous corn maze  that takes on a different shape each year (this year it’s NASA style), but there is so much more to do. Just when I thought I had seen it all, I discovered more to do and see.

This year we decided through the corn maze when it was dark and slightly windy.  It sounded like there was something running through the corn beside us and at times from behind us. Could it have been racoons (they love corn), or was it the wind causing the dry corn stalks to rustle against each other?  No wonder there are so many horror films that take place in corn fields.   I suppose if you really want to get freaked out this Halloween season, watch one of those movies then go to the corn maze in the dark. (I actually wouldn’t recommend that).

By the way, if you decide to see if the corn is edible, you should know it’s not. I watched a kid peel the husk of a cob, bite down and almost brake his teeth.  The kernels are hard as rock this time of season.

Some of the other things to do there are building your own life-sized Lincoln log cabins, rides, giant inflatables, pig races, games, and the list goes on.  On the colder days and nights they have massive fire pits where you can warm up. (You’ll still want to bring a coat at night). Hot chocolate and make-your-own smore packages are also available.

Plan on being there for a couple hours, especially if you have kids. Before you leave, be sure to pick out your own pumpkin and have fun!