The Spice Grill

If you want to impress a date with a unique, delicious, (and quite affordable) eating experience, try the Spice Grill in downtown Provo. While it is an Indian restaurant and features the type of Eastern Indian food that one would expect, there is another section of their menu that may surprise you: Hamburgers. The Spice Grill burger...

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The Pita Pit

A franchise that started in 1997 in Canada, The Pita Pit has made its way down to the United States, and now Provo. If you’re sick of eating heavy burgers, fries, and pizza, Pita Pit is the perfect healthy alternative. They are located across the street from Fat Cats Bowling Alley, and north of The Malt Shoppe. By using...

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Cafe Rio – Mexican Grill

One of the most popular places to get food in Provo is Cafe Rio.  Cafe Rio has great Mexican food at good prices. Usually when I go to Cafe Rio, I get a Pork Barbacoa Burrito.  The meat has a sweet flavor to it, that makes for a delicious burrito.  Not only does the burritos taste amazing, but it is sure to fill you up too.  If...

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Nov 03, 11 Taco-N-Tento

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Taco-N-Tento is one of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in Provo. This restaurant is pretty small as it only seats 20 people, but where it lacks in size and looks it easily makes up for in food. For $3.50 you can get a burrito that is large enough that you won’t likely be able to finish it. The leftovers from it will...

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“Quality you can taste,” that is the logo of the popular burger joint In-N-Out. And I would have to say I could not agree more! In-N-Out was originated in California as the first drive-thru burger stand ever! And since this drive-thru was made, it has caught on… everywhere. It is rare to go to any state today and not...

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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Looking for a great place to get a burger? Go to Red Robin. If you don’t believe me, Red Robin’s burgers have been ranked number one nationally by Zagat for the past three years. Red Robin is a classic American Restaurant that has been around for over forty years.  In their existence making burgers isn’t the only thing that...

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