Sammy’s Famous Pie Shakes

Jun 25, 12 Sammy’s Famous Pie Shakes

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Sammy’s Pie Shakes If you like pie and milkshakes (and let’s admit it who doesn’t?) then look no further.  At Sammy’s in Provo, home of the famous pie shake, the best item on the menu is exactly the delicacy that it sounds like.  When making a pie shake a delicious piece of pie is added to the wondrous blend of ice cream...

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The Spice Grill

If you want to impress a date with a unique, delicious, (and quite affordable) eating experience, try the Spice Grill in downtown Provo. While it is an Indian restaurant and features the type of Eastern Indian food that one would expect, there is another section of their menu that may surprise you: Hamburgers. The Spice Grill burger...

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The Banana Leaf

May 02, 12 The Banana Leaf

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Are you looking for a truly new and international food experience?  The Banana Leaf, which features cuisine from Singapore and Sri Lanka, is probably your best bet if you really are trying to experience new cuisine. The restaurant is located at 409 N University Ave in Provo.  It’s a converted house that sticks out...

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Five Guys

Feb 10, 12 Five Guys

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a great burger joint. It has a unique feel that is fun and makes you feel at home similar to Sammy’s and the Malt Shoppe. It is located in Orem by the University Mall, and even on a Friday night it is never too busy that you won’t get fast service. As you enter the doors, there is a line formed by...

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ME Crepes

Feb 07, 12 ME Crepes

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ME Crepes is a great option for dessert in Provo if you get tired of frozen yogurt. It was started by a BYU college student who grew up in the Provo area and got the idea while on a study abroad in France. ME Crepes has a variety of dessert crepes as well as several different savory crepes if you are interested in a good meal. If...

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Fusion Asia Grill

Feb 06, 12 Fusion Asia Grill

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My Korean friends often say, “When you go to a Korean restaurant, try their kimchi first. If it is good kimchi, you can know for sure that it is a good restaurant.” And that is what Fusion Asia Grill offers you, very tasty kimchi and other fresh-made yummy Korean dishes. Being Asian, I am quite picky when it comes to...

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