Big Spring Hollow Trail

Jun 25, 12 Big Spring Hollow Trail

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Looking for a great place to hang out with family and friends? Big Springs is a close and convenient escape from the heat and the city. This place is perfect when you have a couple of hours to burn in the evening or on a Saturday. The Big Spring Hollow Trail is located up Provo Canyon. To get to the trail, drive up Provo Canyon 6...

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Longboarding Provo Canyon Trail

Jun 19, 12 Longboarding Provo Canyon Trail

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If you feel like being active and outdoors this summer, you need to find a longboard and cruise down the Provo Canyon trail. The Provo Canyon is unique in its beauty and its slight downhill attracts many to coast down and enjoy all the different scenic views. It is a rare circumstance to have such a beautiful canyon trail 5 minutes...

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Squaw Peak Trail

Feb 03, 12 Squaw Peak Trail

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  When most people in Provo hear the words, “Squaw Peak,” they conjure up ideas far from hiking. Squaw Peak has earned a long lasting reputation among Provo lovers both young and old. Different from Kiwanis Park or a Hike to Timpanogos, Squaw Peak is a new adventure. What many don’t know however, is that tucked back in...

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CLAS Ropes Course

Feb 02, 12 CLAS Ropes Course

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There are several amazing things to do in Provo that we have highlighted. From the exciting food of India Palace, to the Mt. Timpanogos cave, there is so much to do around town that others don’t often realize! As we start to move through the winter season, it is important to understand the options available during the spring...

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FREE National Park Admission This Weekend

If you’re feeling the need to escape Provo for the weekend, then you may want to know that this weekend the National Parks are FREE to visit in celebration of Martin Luther King JR weekend. Utah has many beautiful National Parks and monuments to visit. To give you some ideas, here is a list of Utah National Parks and Monuments...

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Provo Ski Rentals

Nov 17, 11 Provo Ski Rentals

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It’s snowing in the mountains. So it’s time to break out the snowboards and skis again. For the state with the “greatest snow on earth” everyone should be hitting the slopes. There are plenty of different places you can go that aren’t too far away from Provo. There’s Sundance up the canyon. At Park City there’s Deer...

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