Eat Like a Pilgrim at Thanksgiving Point

The holiday season is rolling around, but remember that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. So how do you celebrate? Typically Thanksgiving is that holiday where you eat WAY too much and have to sleep off that turkey afterward. However, there are actually quite a few Thanksgiving activities in Utah. Every year at Thanksgiving Point...

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Carmike Wynnsong 12

Aug 31, 11 Carmike Wynnsong 12

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Movies are expensive, but sometimes you just can’t wait to see a movie until it goes to the dollar theater.  Luckily, you can go to Wynnsong theaters and get a student movie discount.  Tickets are $5.75 for any show when you show your student or military ID.  Provo movie theaters are more or less all the same quality.  The...

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Sundance Resort

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…” Last week I went to the Sundance Theatre to see The Sound of Music. If you’re familiar with the play at all, you know that it is set in the high Alps of Austria. So naturally, the outdoor ampitheatre at Sundance was the perfect setting for...

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BYU International Cinema

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a really great foreign film, BYU International Cinema is the place for you. Located on the first floor of the Spencer W. Kimball Tower on BYU campus, the International Cinema plays three films each week during the Fall and Winter semesters. But if you can’t make it to one of the showings,...

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Cinemark Movies 8 (Dollar Theater)

Aug 01, 11 Cinemark Movies 8 (Dollar Theater)

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Have you ever asked yourself, what’s a dollar good for these days. The answer is an entertaining night at the movies. Gather up any loose change you have and visit Cinemark Movies 8, one of several Cinemark theaters in Provo. Movies 8 is a dollar theater located on University Parkway and 2230 North right next to The Quarry....

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