Big Spring Hollow Trail

Jun 25, 12 Big Spring Hollow Trail

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Looking for a great place to hang out with family and friends? Big Springs is a close and convenient escape from the heat and the city. This place is perfect when you have a couple of hours to burn in the evening or on a Saturday. The Big Spring Hollow Trail is located up Provo Canyon. To get to the trail, drive up Provo Canyon 6...

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Sammy’s Famous Pie Shakes

Jun 25, 12 Sammy’s Famous Pie Shakes

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Sammy’s Pie Shakes If you like pie and milkshakes (and let’s admit it who doesn’t?) then look no further.  At Sammy’s in Provo, home of the famous pie shake, the best item on the menu is exactly the delicacy that it sounds like.  When making a pie shake a delicious piece of pie is added to the wondrous blend of ice cream...

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Frontline Tactical Action Games (T.A.G.)

Jun 21, 12 Frontline Tactical Action Games (T.A.G.)

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A New Generation of Laser Tag Do you remember the last time you played laser tag? Maybe you were at Laser Assault or Nickel City, trying to navigate a glowing labyrinth while unusually maneuverable children relentlessly attacked you from all sides and techno music pounded in your ears. You paid somewhere around five to ten dollars...

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Longboarding Provo Canyon Trail

Jun 19, 12 Longboarding Provo Canyon Trail

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If you feel like being active and outdoors this summer, you need to find a longboard and cruise down the Provo Canyon trail. The Provo Canyon is unique in its beauty and its slight downhill attracts many to coast down and enjoy all the different scenic views. It is a rare circumstance to have such a beautiful canyon trail 5 minutes...

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“Quality you can taste,” that is the logo of the popular burger joint In-N-Out. And I would have to say I could not agree more! In-N-Out was originated in California as the first drive-thru burger stand ever! And since this drive-thru was made, it has caught on… everywhere. It is rare to go to any state today and not...

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