Fusion Asia Grill

Feb 06, 12 Fusion Asia Grill

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My Korean friends often say, “When you go to a Korean restaurant, try their kimchi first. If it is good kimchi, you can know for sure that it is a good restaurant.” And that is what Fusion Asia Grill offers you, very tasty kimchi and other fresh-made yummy Korean dishes. Being Asian, I am quite picky when it comes to...

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Squaw Peak Trail

Feb 03, 12 Squaw Peak Trail

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  When most people in Provo hear the words, “Squaw Peak,” they conjure up ideas far from hiking. Squaw Peak has earned a long lasting reputation among Provo lovers both young and old. Different from Kiwanis Park or a Hike to Timpanogos, Squaw Peak is a new adventure. What many don’t know however, is that tucked back in...

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Slab Pizza

Feb 03, 12 Slab Pizza

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Think back to the days in college when you and your buddies (or girl friends) would occasionally find yourselves sitting at home on your less-than-comfortable couches with nothing to do. Running through your mind is a myriad of alternative things you could be doing: taking your crush on an inexpensive date (or perhaps being taken BY...

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CLAS Ropes Course

Feb 02, 12 CLAS Ropes Course

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There are several amazing things to do in Provo that we have highlighted. From the exciting food of India Palace, to the Mt. Timpanogos cave, there is so much to do around town that others don’t often realize! As we start to move through the winter season, it is important to understand the options available during the spring...

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India Palace

Jan 25, 12 India Palace

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We here at Things To Do Provo are working hard in order to bring you a variety of options to add some variety to your life. Our restaurant section is amazing when it comes to selecting cuisines that may suite you. From something casual like In-N-Out Burger to a fancy night on the town at Sparks Restaurant Lounge, we are constantly...

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