Concerts at the Velour

Aug 13, 11 Concerts at the Velour

velour provoThere is something about listening to live music that excites me. Listening to your iPod or the radio in the car is great and all, but live music is a completely different experience. That is why I consider the Velour one of the best places for entertainment in Provo.

The Velour is a small concert venue located right on University Avenue in downtown Provo. Most of the bands that play there are local, but they are always good. Several now famous bands have gotten their start playing here. Neon Trees, Fictionist, and Imagine Dragons to give a few examples.

The atmosphere is one of the reasons the Velour is so fun. The walls are decorated with all sorts of vintage souvenirs. Velour, a type of fabric similar to velvet where the venue gets its name, is used to decorate, giving the whole place a fun retro feel.

Its not a restaurant like similar small venues, its strictly music. Alcohol and smoking are not allowed if you’ve stayed away from the concert scene in the past for those reason. There are also plenty of places to sit towards the back if you’re not the mosh pit type.

There is usually a band playing every night Wednesday through Saturday and every Tuesday is open-mic acoustic night which is pretty fun. Bring your own guitar if you’re feeling brave. If you know a lot of local bands you might want to see who is coming before you go by checking the Velour schedule.

Pricing varies depending on the band. But tickets are almost always less than $10 and more often than not around $5.  Its a great place to go support your favorite local band, and its a great place to go discover some new favorites if you’re looking for something to do.

If it turns out you don’t like the band, you can always head around the corner for a game at Laser Assault.

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