Seven Peaks Water Park

Jul 29, 11 Seven Peaks Water Park

Seven Peaks ProvoOn a hot summer day, the water is the place to be–and Seven Peaks Water Park in one of the most popular attractions in Provo. It offers a great variety of relaxing and thrilling water activities to stay cool. This is a family-friendly environment, but is also popular among teenagers and college students because there are attractions for all ages. If you have little kids that are just getting used to the water, there is a Tadpole Pond with very shallow water for them to play in. If your kids want to go for something bigger, but without the thrill, there is the Lazy River or the Wave Pool–these are both quite relaxing if you’re on a tube. Also there is the Tube Run, which is a casual water slide that starts from the tower.

However, most teenagers and adults are looking for something a little more fast or a little more daring. The water slides in order from least to most scary are as follows (these all require tubes): 1) Tube Run; 2) Cave In; and 3) Shotgun Falls. If you don’t have a tube, you will be interested in Flash Floods or even the Park’s newest attraction, built from the tower. Flash Floods is a racing attraction where two people are in separate slides. The newest slide is a race between six people. Other fun (but also fast) tube rides include the Boomerang and the Vortex.

Finally, there are slides for the truly daring at heart. Jagged Edge is the tamest of the fast single-person slides. Free Fall requires a little more guts, especially as the drop seems near vertical from the top. Sky Breaker is the most thrilling of all–hence the fact that I haven’t even gotten up the guts to go on it. The tube seems to shoot you out so fast that you get some airSeven Peaks Provo before flying down the slide.

Regardless of your personality, Seven Peaks Water Park is a great place to meet up with friends and family and enjoy a day in the water. Mid-morning is the best time of day to go stake your spot and lay out your towels, because the biggest crowds will come in the late afternoon when you’re ready to be done for the day. Of course, don’t forget your sunscreen! And to further help you cool off, you might want to head to Sub-Zero Ice Cream afterwards.

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