Recycling Maze

Oct 26, 11 Recycling Maze

If you are bored an don’t know what to do in Provo, you can go to a free maze that is made from recycled materials.   While not as big as the maze at Cornbelly’s in Thanksgiving Point, the recycling maze is still a lot of fun.

It will take about ten minutes to get through the maze and the sides are tall enough that you can’t look over the top.  It is fun to go through the first time trying to find the way out, but in my opinion the real fun begins when you play games in the recycling maze.

The workers there are really nice and friendly.  They even helped us come up with different games we could play in the maze.

I went with a group of people so we tried to see who could get through Recycle Logothe maze the fastest.  We also played freeze tag in there and tried to see how many times we could get through the maze without being caught.  There are twists and places you can fit in to hide throughout the maze, enabling you could sneak past other people.

Those small places will become useful on Friday because that is when the recycling center is going to turn the recycling maze into a haunted maze.

The maze is in Provo so you won’t have to travel far.  You can park in the Ellsworth building parking lot and then walk to the maze.  It is made out of recycled materials so it won’t be the best smelling maze, but it doesn’t smell horribly either.

The recycling maze was made to increase awarness of recycling on BYU Campus.    The maze uses 400 bales of paper which is 600,000 pounds.  If you think that is a lot then you will be impressed to know that recycling at BYU averages 40 tons per week.

It is open now and it is unsure how long it will be open for.  The workers estimated the until the first week of November and maybe longer so go soon.

Go and have fun at the recycling maze and post your thoughts or games that you came up with, and remember to recycle so people can create cool things like this.

Northwest Corner of Ellsworth Building Parking lot
University Avenue and 2230 North

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