Cinemark Movies 8 (Dollar Theater)

Aug 01, 11 Cinemark Movies 8 (Dollar Theater)

provo dollar theater

Have you ever asked yourself, what’s a dollar good for these days. The answer is an entertaining night at the movies. Gather up any loose change you have and visit Cinemark Movies 8, one of several Cinemark theaters in Provo. Movies 8 is a dollar theater located on University Parkway and 2230 North right next to The Quarry. It offers the most popular movies about a month or two after they’re first released. The atmosphere is quite fun, and the theater itself is more than efficient for only a dollar. They have a wide variety of promotions ranging from daily student discounts to Monday family discounts. If you are looking for more than just movies they also provide an entertaining game/arcade room. My favorite use of the dollar theater is to go and see movies that I’m not willing to pay full price for. If there is a movie that you’re not quite sure you’ll like, wait a couple of months and go see it at the dollar theater. Worst case scenario, you spent four quarters on a movie you didn’t enjoy.

Most days a movie will actually cost you $2 or if you want to see one in 3D, $4. But on Tuesdays you can get in for $1, so plan ahead.