Frontline Tactical Action Games (T.A.G.)

Jun 21, 12 Frontline Tactical Action Games (T.A.G.)

Laser Tag Alpha Team

A New Generation of Laser Tag

Do you remember the last time you played laser tag? Maybe you were at Laser Assault or Nickel City, trying to navigate a glowing labyrinth while unusually maneuverable children relentlessly attacked you from all sides and techno music pounded in your ears. You paid somewhere around five to ten dollars and the game was over in less than thirty minutes.

If you’re looking for a change of pace in your laser-oriented entertainment, Frontline Tactical Action Games (T.A.G. – get it?) puts a unique spin on laser tag by adding a tactical element to the game, placing it alongside paintball and airsoft as an action pursuit sport. Frontline puts players through two hours of objective-based games, with the results of one game determining the circumstances of the next. Examples include a classic two-team match, taking out a series of FOBs (forward operating bases) or defending a single position for a limited amount of time. How much does two hours of play time cost? A very affordable ten dollars per person.

Learn How to Survive

Laser Tag TacticsAdditionally, Frontline operators take the time to teach players the tactics and teamwork necessary for winning the game. This makes T.A.G. great for corporate teambuilding activities, parties, church activities, or group dates (a few people have even met their significant other through T.A.G.). Open games are a great way to meet new people and make new friends, too!

So in what massive arena does this take place? That’s up to you. If you have access to public areas (parks, for example) or permission to use private property, then you have a place to play T.A.G. They will come to you.

To stay informed on when the next open game is, subscribe to Frontline’s Facebook page or give them a call and schedule your own private game!

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