Provo Country Dance

May 02, 12 Provo Country Dance

Looking for something new to do on a Wednesday or Saturday night when it’s not BYU Basketball Season? Think you’d like to learn a fun new skill that doesn’t involve you swinging around on a ropes course? Interested in having a way to meet new people while still being able to enjoy time with friends? You may be interested in a visit to the Provo Country Dance club. It’s a great way for both experienced dancers and those who have never danced at all to come together and enjoy good music and a great time.

The dance club operates from 9:00 to midnight on Wednesday and Saturday nights out of the Community Center in Provo, costing only $4 before 9:30 and $6 after that. There are lessons from 9:00-9:30 teaching some of the more basic, and even a couple of more advanced steps to those who’d like to learn more. The club provides a very casual environment for people to dance, and you can expect to find people of all skill levels. For every one or two experts out on the floor, there are a couple of novices visiting the club for the very first time. The dances are fun and easy to pick up, so it doesn’t take long for people to feel comfortable out on the floor.

The club has a reputation for getting a good turnout for the evenings that they are open. You will often see over a hundred people at these events, giving you plenty of opportunities to dance with a variety of partners. The crowd tends to be college-aged, so it’s a lot of fun for both students and recent graduates to mix and mingle.

Dances that you can expect to see at the club vary quite a bit. The most common dance (and the simplest) is the Country   Swing. Additionally, you will see the Country Waltz, Country Cha Cha, Night Club Two-Step, Texas Two-Step, Triple Step, West Coast Swing, and a number of different line dances. Which dance to use is always up to the individuals, so you never have to go far outside your comfort zone.


So if you’re up for an adventure, put on your boots, tighten up your belt buckle, and ride on down to the Country Dance club for one of the many fun things to do in Provo!