Laser Assault

Aug 05, 11 Laser Assault

laser assault provoLaser Tag! There is nothing better than getting a bunch of friends together on a Friday night to go shoot each other with lasers. Seriously, its so fun. Laser Assault is located on 264 North 100 West in Provo, right across from Smith’s and RC Willey and just up the street from Sammy’s. For $8 you can play for a half an hour, but its not difficult to find 2 for 1 coupons if that sounds expensive to you. If you only have two or three people who are feeling up to it, don’t worry. There is usually plenty of others any given night of the week (especially on weekends) that you can combine with and have a big enough group to make it fun.  If you happen to come on an overly busy night, or you just barely miss the start of a game there is a big arcade room with some great old school games, air hockey, or basketball. Waiting is not normally an issue though. There are two laser tag arenas that constantly have groups coming and going. As far as the equipment goes, its not the nicest laser tag arena I’ve played in, but its cheap, close, and its laser tag. You don’t need to have the nicest equipment to have a blast. So if you’re looking for a place to throw a birthday party, hang out with a bunch of friends, or impress a date with your sharpshooting skills, Laser Assault is a great option for Provo entertainment.


264 North 100 West

Provo, UT 84604

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