BYU Women’s Soccer Games

Sep 19, 11 BYU Women’s Soccer Games

BYU women's soccerAre you a big time soccer fan? Well if you want to go to some great games this season, the BYU Women’s Soccer team has been looking great this year. They opened up the season with a 4-0 win over Utah in a heated rivalry game, and it’s only gotten better from there. This Tuesday they will face the University of Idaho at 7 p.m., followed by another game on Thursday vs. Utah State at 7 p.m.

Although some people think that women’s soccer is not as intense as men’s soccer, BYU Women’s Soccer has definitely had some heated moments during game time in the past few years. We’ve seen everything from corner kicks headed into the goal to braids being pulled behind the referee’s back. The latter example is just an aberration, but BYU Women’s Soccer is sure to keep you on your toes this year.

There are different promotions for each game if you just check the BYU Women’s Soccer page online. Whether it’s a discounted ticket for date night or a get in free with your pajamas deal, these soccer games are always a lot of fun! To see a full schedule for the rest of the season, check out the BYU Women’s Soccer schedule. We hope to see you at a game!

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