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Aug 29, 11 BYU Planetarium

You don’t have to be a science geekBYU Planetarium in order to enjoy a good planetarium show. Who doesn’t like to stargaze in the middle of a city when the stars are hard to see sometimes? If you’d rather bowl or watch a good foreign film, I recommend the BYU Bowling Center or the BYU International Cinema, but if you want to see a rare star show that will take you “out of this world,” I definitely recommend the BYU Planetarium.

At the BYU Planetarium, you will be taken to different parts of the galaxy that you have never visited before, and all from the comfort of your cushy reclining seat. Whether it is a newly forming star or a well-known constellation, you will leave the star show with an enhanced astronomical sense. Also, the shows are different depending on the time of year. Change up the show you go to, and hopefully you’ll never see the same one twice!

Every Friday night there are two star shows put on by the BYU Astronomical Society, and each ticket is only $2. Several evenings a week, they also provide outreach shows for groups of 20 or more if you make a reservation a week in advance. These community group tickets are only $1, so take advantage of this opportunity! Just check the Planetarium calendar for dates and times of shows. To infinity, and beyond!

Roydon G. Derrick Planetarium

Eyring Science Center

(801) 422-5396

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