The BYU Museum of People and Cultures

Sep 08, 11 The BYU Museum of People and Cultures

BYU Museum of Peoples and CulturesThe Museum of Peoples and Cultures is another wonderful BYU museum that is worth checking out. There is something there for all ages and is great place to go with family, friends, or just yourself.

Right now their current exhibits are “Beneath Your Feet: Discovering the Archeology of Utah Valley” and “Entwined: A Vibrant Heritage of the Modern Maya”.

At the Beneath Your Feet exhibit you can see (and touch some) artifacts discovered here in Utah Valley that are as old 7000 years old.  You might be amazed at what has been found on archeology digs in this area. It’s even more interesting to think about people living here that long ago.

With the Modern Maya exhibit you can see various modern Maya textiles including clothes, dolls, etc. The combination of colors used in the textiles are beautiful.

The museum also offers many activities including, FHE at the museum, date nights, opportunities for boy scouts to earn badges, Stories From  Around the World (a children’s reading time), summer programs and so much more.

The activities often have specific times and although most of these extra activities are also free, they have limited space and reservations may be required.  With this in mind, be sure to check the Museum of Peoples and Cultures website prior to going when making plans to visit.

The exhibits do change periodically, so you’ll want to check it out while you can, especially the archeology section of it.

After the museum, head on over to the Creamery on 9th for some BYU ice cream.

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