BYU Museum of Art (MOA)

Jul 28, 11 BYU Museum of Art (MOA)

byu museum of art (moa) - Things to do ProvoThe BYU Museum of Art, or the moa as students commonly refer to it as, always has interesting exhibits and galleries to stroll through. It is located on BYU Campus just south of the bell tower, north of the Fine Arts Center where concerts are held,  and conveniently right next to visitor parking. BYU has done a great job of getting high profile artists and exhibitions to display their work here, more recently the Carl Bloch gallery for example. If you go, plan on spending some time exploring. There will be the obvious featured galleries but down on the bottom floor tucked away in some of the corners there are usually some interesting exhibits that you might pass over otherwise. There are some interesting sculptures and a fountain outside to the south that are worth checking out too.

I’m not a connoisseur of art by any means, but I always enjoy what they have in the MOA. Its a good place to take a date after lunch at Zupas Cafe or a good place to go if you’re just looking for something to take your mind off of the stress of life. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have small kids. It definitely isn’t catered to them and they can get restless.

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