BYU Monte L. Bean Museum

Aug 01, 11 BYU Monte L. Bean Museum

BYU Bean MuseumBYU’s Monte L Bean Museum is one of the great museums in Provo and is good for everyone of all ages who has an interest in wildlife and our wild world. There you will see exhibits of animals from all over the world, some you didn’t even know existed!

Monday through Saturday they offer FREE live animal shows where you actually get to touch live critters! The shows cover reptiles, adaptations, Utah plants and animals, ecosystems & invertebrates. My personal favorite are the Monday and Saturday reptile shows. Give all of the shows a chance and you’ll see a variety of live animals they’ll bring out. Before you go, be sure to visit the Monte L. Bean Museum website for specific schedule. You can even request a private show.

Even when there’s no shows, there are many things to do and see there. You can even watch a variety of movies on their giant TV screen. The museum is divided into different zones. There’s the African animals, ocean creatures, riparian zones, the bug zone, and so much more. In the bug area you have to check out the giant butterfly made of butterflies and some of the craziest bugs you’ve ever seen. Afterwards you might want to go hike Stewart Falls and see if you can find any cool wildlife yourself.


  1. I love the Bean Museum! I go almost every time I’m in Provo. And it’s fun to see people’s reactions when they realize the Bean Museum has nothing to do with beans.

    • LOL, that is so funny. I never though about people thinking the museum is literally a “bean” museum. Tyson, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the new African exhibit I highly recommend it. They did an amazing job with it. Makes me want to go on a real safari adventure.