BYU Intramurals

Dec 06, 11 BYU Intramurals

Do you love to play sports?  Do you enjoy feeling a part of a team and competing competitively?

If your answer is yes then BYU intramurals are a great thing for you to be a part of.

Every semester BYU offers those living around Provo an opportunity to playBYU Intramurals a variety of sports on , with a chance to win a free T-shirt if they become champions.

You can decide which of the BYU intramural sports for Winter 2012 you want to be apart of.  Some of the sports that you can choose from include; soccer, basketball, dodge ball, and more.  There is a fee to have a team and it varies on the sport.  It doesn’t come out to much when you split it with all of those on your team though.

Most sports have a five game season followed by a playoff to see who the champion is.  The games are made fair because there are different divisions in different sports.  You can sign up at The Office of Intramural Activities in the Richards Building on BYU Campus.

During the season teams are ranked based on how they play.  Then these BYU intramural rankings are used to decide what teams will play who in the playoffs.  There are different divisions for the playoffs also so everyone will have a chance to win against people in their same skill level.

BYU intramurals take up a lot of BYU facilities, so if you want to play sports in the winter when it is cold outside BYU intramurals are a great option.  It is a lot of fun and gives you the feeling of competing and being a part of a team.

The Office of Intramural Activities
145 Richards Building
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422–7597

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