BYU International Cinema

Aug 16, 11 BYU International Cinema

International CinemaIf you’ve ever wanted to watch a really great foreign film, BYU International Cinema is the place for you. Located on the first floor of the Spencer W. Kimball Tower on BYU campus, the International Cinema plays three films each week during the Fall and Winter semesters. But if you can’t make it to one of the showings, don’t worry! Every week there are several showings for each of the three films. The majority of films are not in English, but they always have subtitles. This really makes it possible for you to go see any film you want, and for free! What could be better than free movies in Provo? You could even go grab dinner nearby at J Dawgs before you go to the movie.

Personally, I really like going to the International Cinema. What started out as a class assignment turned into a personal interest as well, and I began checking the weekly schedule to see if there was anything interesting playing. Many of the films are not very well known, but they help viewers take a glimpse into other customs, cultures, and traditions. I would highly recommend checking the International Cinema schedule to see if any of the films interest you for this upcoming semester. Whether the film is in French, Japanese, Tibetan, or even Swedish, you are bound to come away with a new perspective.

BYU International Cinema

250 SWKT, BYU Campus

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