BYU Bowling and Games Center

Jul 28, 11 BYU Bowling and Games Center

byu bowlingThe BYU Bowling and Games Center is located on the bottom floor of the Wilkinson center (the main building with the bookstore) towards the south end. The main attraction is obviously the bowling which is open to the public every night but Sunday. On Friday and Saturday after 9:00pm they have cosmic bowling with music and black lights. Bowling isn’t all there is to do though. There is a good selection of arcade games and you can play pool for free if you are a student (or have a student in your group).

I’m a big fan of the Games Center. Its one of the better weekend activities on BYU campus in my opinion. And you don’t need a big group to have fun, like you do at Laser Assault. I love playing pool there (who can argue with free?) and they always seem to have really good music playing. If you’re a student they let you play a free game of bowling every semester during certain hours of the day.

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