The Spice Grill

If you want to impress a date with a unique, delicious, (and quite affordable) eating experience, try the Spice Grill in downtown Provo. While it is an Indian restaurant and features the type of Eastern Indian food that one would expect, there is another section of their menu that may surprise you: Hamburgers. The Spice Grill burger...

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The Banana Leaf

May 02, 12 The Banana Leaf

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Are you looking for a truly new and international food experience?  The Banana Leaf, which features cuisine from Singapore and Sri Lanka, is probably your best bet if you really are trying to experience new cuisine. The restaurant is located at 409 N University Ave in Provo.  It’s a converted house that sticks out...

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Provo Country Dance

May 02, 12 Provo Country Dance

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Looking for something new to do on a Wednesday or Saturday night when it’s not BYU Basketball Season? Think you’d like to learn a fun new skill that doesn’t involve you swinging around on a ropes course? Interested in having a way to meet new people while still being able to enjoy time with friends? You may be interested in a...

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