EPIC Dance Studios

Down on Center Street in Provo is quite the epic dance studio–literally, this place is called EPIC Dance Studios. It is just two blocks south of Laser Assault, and just west of Gloria’s Little Italy in downtown Provo. This studio has classes for tumbling, cheer, gymnastics, and many types of dance, including ballroom....

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The Haunted Forest

Oct 20, 11 The Haunted Forest

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Beware!  Once a year all of the demons, evil-spirits, and patients of the Psycho Manor Insane Asylum unite to haunt the souls of Utah residents. Ever walked through an unfamiliar forest in the middle of the night? Well this time there really are dangerous people lurking in the trees. Located in American Fork, the Haunted Forest is...

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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Looking for a great place to get a burger? Go to Red Robin. If you don’t believe me, Red Robin’s burgers have been ranked number one nationally by Zagat for the past three years. Red Robin is a classic American Restaurant that has been around for over forty years.  In their existence making burgers isn’t the only thing that...

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Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point

If you’re looking for something festive and “Halloweenish” things to do around Provo before Oct 31, then you may want to check out Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point. Most people know Cornbelly’s for their famous corn maze  that takes on a different shape each year (this year it’s NASA style), but...

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BYU Basketball

Oct 19, 11 BYU Basketball

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One of the few good things about the weather turning colder is that it means that it is soon time for the BYU basketball team to start their season!  BYU basketball games are a source for great excitement in Provo. It is great going to the games and being in the student section and standing and screaming for your team with all of...

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