Carmike Wynnsong 12

Aug 31, 11 Carmike Wynnsong 12

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Movies are expensive, but sometimes you just can’t wait to see a movie until it goes to the dollar theater.  Luckily, you can go to Wynnsong theaters and get a student movie discount.  Tickets are $5.75 for any show when you show your student or military ID.  Provo movie theaters are more or less all the same quality.  The...

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Scenic Sundance Lift Rides

Aug 30, 11 Scenic Sundance Lift Rides

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If you are looking for a gorgeous view without the strenuous task of  hiking Timpanogos, the Sundance lift rides are calling your name. From the end of May to mid October, these lifts are in full operation. These lifts haul people from the base of the Sundance resort to the top of Ray’s Summit. Once your relaxing and scenic...

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BYU Planetarium

Aug 29, 11 BYU Planetarium

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You don’t have to be a science geek in order to enjoy a good planetarium show. Who doesn’t like to stargaze in the middle of a city when the stars are hard to see sometimes? If you’d rather bowl or watch a good foreign film, I recommend the BYU Bowling Center or the BYU International Cinema, but if you want to see...

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Hike Timpanogos

Aug 26, 11 Hike Timpanogos

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It’s not an easy hike, but climbing to the top of Mount Timpanogos should be on every Provo resident’s bucket list. The view from the summit is incredible! To tell you the truth, the entire hike is beautiful from start to finish. If you wanted to, you would be satisfied going halfway but remember what I said about the...

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Kayaking in Provo

Aug 25, 11 Kayaking in Provo

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Did you know you can rent a kayak from BYU Outdoors Unlimited?! Yes, you really can kayak in Utah. No, it’s not all desert. We are especially lucky in Provo because we have many areas that are great for beginners, families and people who just want to relax. There’s Utah Lake, the lower portion of Provo River just before...

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